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Trampling the Constitution

Sorry this post is so late. I just couldn’t get onto Blogger this morning. However, I absolutely wanted to address this nonsense from the New Mexico Business Weekly:

Craig Reeves, committee co-chair, says the pledge [to not seek re-election] is an important step toward restoring confidence in the state public office.

“Running for election would require the appointee to begin campaigning and fund-raising almost immediately,” Reeves said in a statement. “The public must clearly see it isn’t business as usual in the Treasurer’s Office and politics is not an issue.”

I’ve looked at the names of folks [pdf] on this committee, and some of them are business people for whom I have the highest level of respect. So, I’m dumbfounded how they ended up with this foolish decision. If a capable individual of high integrity is appointed, why wouldn’t we want him or her to run for re-election? Prohibiting the individual from running does not stop others from immediately commencing campaign and fund-raising activities.

Much like the presigned resignation letters [subscription] requested by the governor, this is just a another classic example of the administration’s complete disregard for our state’s constitution.