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Understand and Prepare for a New Economy

When times are tough, what’s one supposed to do? I’m trying to figure that out. But, I can assure you this is not the answer:

The Navajo Nation opened its first casino last week and, according to The Associated Press, did very well on its first day of operation. Navajo Nation President Joe Shirley told the AP people pumped $1.2 million in cash into the slot machines on the first day alone.

That’s amazing to me – $1.2 million into slot machines at a casino east of Gallup. And, we wonder why we have an economic crisis on our hands. Speaking of which, here’s a couple of videos to add perspective to the current situation:


Now, that you’ve had yourself a giggle, here is something to sober you up:


[Hat tip: NewMexiBank (formerly NewMexiKen, but now in line for a lucrative bailout)]

If you’re looking for something a little more substantial in the way of video information to understand our economic predicament, then I HIGHLY RECOMMEND watching Chris Martenson’s crash course video series. Mind you, this is not something to be done in two minutes before moving on to reading your next blog. It’s a series of videos that all told will take three hours to view, but I promise they are well worth your time.

If nothing else, you need to watch the seven minute segment on the Brief History of U.S. Money. The partisans among us – myself included – love to point the fingers across the aisle to explain the mess we’re in, and in so doing infer that our party has the answer. However, it is clearly becoming evident that this mess has been decades in the making.

I’ve given you a lot to look at, so I won’t plan on blogging again until Monday. But, I wish you and yours a Happy Thanksgiving on this… my 1,000th post.