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Watch Out CSPAN

Ok, it’s common knowledge that Attorney General Patricia Madrid is very reluctant to debate Congresswoman Heather Wilson in the contest for the 1st Congressional seat:

If the 1st Congressional District race were about who has confirmed the most televised debates, U.S. Rep. Heather Wilson would be winning – at least right now.

Wilson, an Albuquerque Republican, has confirmed she will appear at five debates, four of which will be broadcast on TV.

Of those five, Madrid plans to attend one with Wilson, a Sept. 17 debate at Congregation Albert. She’s expected to confirm Monday for an Oct. 24 debate on KOB-Channel 4, her campaign said.

Now it seems that Madrid is attempting to do an about face on the Congregation Albert debate. Apparently, KRQE frustrated with Patricia Madrid’s reluctance to commit to a televised debate on their network, has been working to get permission to broadcast the Congregation Albert debate. The Madrid camp is in hysterics over this prospect and have threatened to pull out of the debate.

Which leaves one to wonder…

If Patricia Madrid were successful in her bid, what would she do once she learned that CSPAN broadcasts the debates on the floor of the House of Representatives. Would she refuse to debate her esteemed colleagues on the floor unless CSPAN shut off its cameras?