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Way To Go Joe

I’m thinking that it is time for a mandatory state investment due diligence law in our state. It might read something like this:

The state shall conduct due diligence on the directors of companies in which it is interested in investing, and shall not invest in any company with a history of bankruptcy. State Legislators (subscription) shall not introduce bills year after year to entrust the investment of tens of millions of dollars in public funds to individuals with personal bankruptcy filings.

Maybe this can be introduced this late in the game by amending SB 60. I think the sponsor would be ok with the amendment. He is an acknowledged lover of fine arts, and apparently one of only five Senators with any sense when it comes to fiscal responsibility:

Sen. Joseph Carraro, R-Albuquerque, cast one of the few votes against Robinson’s bill, saying, “Certainly it seems to me like what we’re doing here is we’re investing in something that’s a little fringe.”

If somebody let’s me know who the other four Senators are who wisely voted against Sen. Robinson’s bill, I will make sure to recognize them here. Speaking of bills introduced by Sen. Robinson, you have to take a look at this list. Apparently, he’s never met a bill he doesn’t like.