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What a Goof

Always wondered what in the world would posses a Senator from Nevada to spend money to put a billboard on I-40 in Albuquerque. Well, now I know… he is off his rocker. This was reported today by John Fund in Opinion Journal’s Political Diary (subscription):

Is Senator Harry Reid all that swift when it comes to U.S. Intelligence matters? Last Wednesday, the Minority Leader appeared on KRNV-TV’s “Nevada Newsmakers” program and dropped a stunning revelation. He had been informed just that day that Osama bin Laden was killed in the giant earthquake last month. “I heard that Osama bin Laden died in the earthquake, and if that’s the case, I certainly wouldn’t wish anyone harm, but if that’s the case, that’s good for the world.”

Intelligence analysts tell me that the only proper action by a top U.S. Senate leader who has been given such information is radio silence. If the report is true, such information is best released at a moment of the government’s choosing. For one thing, as long as the information is tightly held, it can be used to sift out electronic intercepts that might lead to other Al Qaeda leaders. On the other hand, if Mr. Reid’s public speculation proves groundless, it only embarrasses the and contributes to enemy morale. Here’s hoping Al Qaeda figures aren’t soon appearing on Al Jazeera television chortling about the clueless Mr. Reid.

With irresponsible behavior like this from Democratic leaders, it is no wonder that Congresswoman Heather Wilson came to the conclusion that an intelligence probe would serve as a distraction (subscription).