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When You’re Right, You’re Right

Back in November, Congresswoman Heather Wilson voted to reject a rule change in the House Republican Conference that was being proposed to protect Majority Leader Tom DeLay. Her reason was clearly stated in a press release:

“While I respect the concern that prosecutors could pursue politically motivated indictments, I disagreed with this rule change and voted no,” Wilson said. “The measure eventually passed over substantial opposition.”

“As a general matter, we should not craft the rules of the House because of individual situations,” she said.

In these simple words, Representative Wilson demonstrated what it means to be a value-based political leader. She did not fold under pressure to demonstrate an “extreme act of loyalty,” even though being steadfast in her beliefs can at times have serious political ramifications. Well, on the rules issue others have seen the wisdom of her stance, including Representative Tom DeLay. I am proud to have Heather Wilson represent me.