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Why Is It Either Or?

I can’t get this out of my mind, so I’m thinking maybe if I write about it, it will go away. Here it is ….

Why is it that when it comes to voting there seems to be only two camps? Either those wanting paper ballots or those wanting electronic voting? Why can’t we have both and make everyone happy?

Think about it?

An electronic ATM style touch screen voting machine that prints out a paper ballot that then can be visually verified by the voter before being fed into a paper scanning machine for a redundant tabulation. This way everyone is happy.

  1. Joe/Jane Voter knows that the machine registered his/her vote correctly.
  2. There is built in redundancy with machines checking machines.
  3. There is a paper trail in case of doubt.
  4. Neither partisan volunteers nor partisan clerk employees are trying to determine at 2:00 a.m. in the morning what someone “intended” by the strange illegible mark they put on a paper ballot.
  5. We are still able to use technology, so that we can have a true count on Election Night.

Someone please explain to me why this isn’t a reasonable solution and a win/win for all sides?

C’mon one of you Legislators or maybe a Secretary of State employee tell me what’s wrong with this solution? How about a voting machine sales representative or maybe a county clerk? Maybe Common Cause would be interested in weighing in with what’s wrong with this solution?

Someone… Anyone?