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“Why Not New Mexico?”

Governor Richardson’s interview with KOAT about his North Korea visit ends with the following paragraph:

“My hope is that when there’s a normalization of relations with North Korea that New Mexico will play a role,” Richardson said. “They asked for these experts in heart disease and heart bypass, that’s Dr. Ramo. In energy and transmission, and that’s Jeff Sterba, the head of PNM, and then agriculture, and that’s New Mexico State and there’s no one better in agriculture than the head of New Mexico State. So, these are areas of cooperation where the United States, if North Korea dismantles its nuclear weapons, is prepared to help North Korea. And my view is, ‘Why not New Mexico?’ So, we could be at the start of something important long-range not just for national security but for our state.”

Well, let’s see if we can help the Governor answer that very important question, “Why not New Mexico?”

Why shouldn’t New Mexico be an advisor to the North Koreans regarding healthcare? Hmm, don’t you think the Governor should get the healthcare situation in our own state in order before he goes out and gives advice to others. Last I checked, we were still ranked 49th out of 50 states when it came to the health of the Governor’s constituents.

How about that energy question? Maybe Governor Richardson is going to tell the North Koreans all about those great energy rebates he just saw passed during the special session. Yes, the Governor took the lead in limiting the energy rebates to New Mexicans to $50 -$200. This package has a value of $75 million despite the projected $800 million surplus the administration could return to the taxpayers. You’ve got to wonder why the Governor did not choose to follow the Alaskan model [hat tip to a Las Cruces reader]. Then again, Richardson’s propensity for enriching government might be precisely the character trait that the North Koreans find so endearing.

Gee, my only surprise is that Governor Richardson in his capacity of unofficial envoy did not put education on his list of topics to discuss. That would have rounded out a perfect hat trick of policy failures under this administration to answer the question, “Why not New Mexico?”