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Will They Never Learn?

First, Mayor Chavez come up with the “brilliant” idea to shift one time construction revenue into the recurring costs pool. Now, he wants to bring back the idea with nine lives – the infamous Streetcar. Will it never end?

Plans for modern rail in Albuquerque aren’t dead just yet.

Mayor Martin Chávez, still pushing for a streetcar system, is broaching the idea of a scaled-down project that would connect Downtown, the university area and the airport.

It would cost about $130 million — far less than the broader, $270 million system scrapped 2 1/2 years ago.

Even at a reduced price, the council may not be willing to climb aboard. Several city councilors, even those inclined to support the project, are skeptical about moving forward anytime soon.

A proposal to be considered next month, in fact, could limit the mayor’s flexibility to pursue the project.

“Unless somebody drops $300 million on us, it’s going to go to the voters some day,” City Council President Isaac Benton said in an interview. But “I don’t see any immediate movement on it.”

Even if someone drops $300 million of our children’s money (that is what we’re talking about here, ours is long since spent) into our elected officials laps, it still doesn’t change the fact that it will result in NEW recurring revenue expenses. Based on the current budget crisis, it is impossible to understand how anyone could think this is a good idea.