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Wiviott’s Attack on Lujan

Don Wiviott and Ben Ray Lujan are battling it out in a very public way for the 3rd Congressional District Democratic nomination. Don Wiviott put up an ad attacking Ben Ray Lujan, and apparently the Lujan campaign is weakly contesting the inaccuracies in the ad:

The Telehealth Commission, which Ben Ray Luján was appointed to, has nothing to do with his elected duties as a Public Regulation Commissioner despite the deceptive tie Don Wiviott tries to make here. His membership on the Telehealth Commission is unpaid. Ben Ray Luján missed meetings to perform his duties as Public Regulation Commissioner, which Commissioner Luján believes take priority since he represents the people of the third district as a PRC Commissioner.

Good thing our unpaid state legislator’s don’t take this same approach to their voluntary service. Here is the thing. Mr. Lujan makes a point on his campaign website to mention his Telehealth Commission and put it in the best possible light to bolster what can only be described as a lackluster history of personal accomplishments:

He is a member of the New Mexico Telehealth Commission, where he works to encourage a single, statewide effort to create a system to deliver health-related services and information via telecommunications technologies.

Obviously, Mr. Wiviott is just pointing out that when Mr. Lujan uses the term “works” he means it in the loosest sense of the term. What I don’t understand is why the Wiviott’s campaign just didn’t do a little google search to find the truth of exactly where Mr. Lujan worked as a casino dealer?

A simple search would have surely turned up a much better way of presenting Mr. Lujan’s curriculum vitae to the voters. If you do follow that last link, I should point out that I believe that Mr. Lujan has in fact now completed his college degree. Apparently, his $90,000 PRC job allowed him the flexibility to work on that.