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You Sir Are Sadly Mistaken

People, and by people I mean those Democratic incumbents who weathered the Election Day storm, are going to try and put a spin on the Election Day results to mean something other than what they really mean. As an illustration, let’s take this statement made by Representative Al Park and reported in the Albuquerque Journal:

Rep. Al Park, D-Albuquerque, who won re-election in House District 26, said voters were frustrated with the state’s stagnant economy and sent a message at the ballot box.
“They want people to put aside their differences and address the challenges that are facing the state,” Park said.

Well, Representative Park is half right. Voters were, and for that matter still are, VERY frustrated with the stagnant economy, and sent a VERY clear message at the ballot box.  However, that message was NOT that they want “people to put aside their differences.” Quite the contrary, voters in the state of New Mexico, as well as those throughout the nation, soundly rejected the Democratic approach to solving the problems that face us throughout the nation, and voted for a VERY different approach. Look at the map, and tell me I’m wrong.

You can’t. At least, you can’t if you’re going to be honest, and honesty is what the people deserve today. Two years ago, the majority of the American public voted for a change. When the Democrats came in to office they misunderstood what change was desired. They thought it was a referendum to create new budget breaking entitlement programs, print money and move our country down a socialist path. On Tuesday America said, “Hey guys, you got the wrong message.” We’re worried about the economy, or more simply put, finding a job, keeping a roof over our family’s head and keeping them fed.  We’re not looking for 2,000 plus page budget-busting healthcare  legislation. We’re not interested in an ever-increasing spending approach to governance that means each and every one of us has to work more and more to support an ever-growing government.

What we want is simple. Reign it in, and let us get back to being a state and a country of wealth builders as opposed to a country the redistributes wealth. A country where each generation has an opportunity to build on the accomplishments of the previous generation  to reach all new heights.

Sorry Representative Park, nothing about Tuesday said, “Set the differences aside.” It was all about embracing the differences. And, I’d strongly suggest that you and the rest of your colleagues in our state legislature  look at your leadership and ask yourselves, “Do we have the leadership in place to move use in a different direction?” If not, and I’d say not is the correct answer, then you’d better make a change and make it fast, or two years from now, you’ll find the electorate sending you an even stronger message.