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You’re Kidding Me, Right?

Now here’s an interesting quote from House Speaker Ben Lujan on Heath Haussamen’s blog:

Speaker of the House Ben Lujan, D-Nambé, on the other hand, said Foley’s conduct “sets a bad example for children.”

“It’s unfortunate that this thing had to happen, but I feel that we have to take responsibility and we should apologize when we do something not lawful,” he said.

Hmm, Democratic Speaker of the House Ben Lujan has had only one degree of separation from some of the biggest scandals involving unlawful and unethical behavior in New Mexico history and sat silent. But, a Republican Representative rushes to the aid of a son he feels has been assaulted by an adult, and all of a sudden the Speaker is interested in “responsibility” and “apologies.”

Sorry Mr. Speaker, that’s just not going to fly.