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A Letter to My Buddy Joe

Dear Joe,

How the heck are you? It seems like forever since last we spoke. I hope things are going well for you over at the campaign. This is one heck of a tight race, and I imagine you’ve got a lot at stake here. So, you just keep on doing on what you’re doing. Democrats everywhere owe you a debt of gratitude.

Speaking of which, I just noticed that the New Mexico GOP is giving you a hard time again. I’m really sorry about that. Life must have been a lot easier back in the day. You know, when you were the only one blogging about New Mexico politics.

Hopefully, someone tells that Jonah Cohen guy to be more respectful. It’s not right for him to keep pointing out all of your inconsistencies. I mean, it’s okay when I do it, ’cause we go way back. But, for Jonah to do it… Well, that’s just partisan bickering, and it needs to stop. Why can’t Republicans and Democrats just get along?

I don’t mind telling you, I am more than a little concerned that this whole “pulling a Monahan” is going to catch on in political and media circles. That would be bad. Reporters might stop using you as resource.

But, don’t you fret buddy. I’ve got an idea. I know how we can take the wind out of their sails over there at NM GOP headquarters. It’s called the Blogger Code of Ethics. You just start following that, and in no time Jonah Cohen will have nothing left to write about. No sir, he won’t have Joe Monahan to kick around anymore.

Let me give you an example of this might work. Yesterday they had you saying:

As it did with Dem Treasurer candidate James B. Lewis, the NM GOP has sent out a mailer showing Dem congressional candidate Patricia Madrid portrayed as a puppet on strings.

Well, today anyone looking at your post will see that you have changed that to read:

As was done with Dem Treasurer candidate James B. Lewis by his R opponent Demesia Padilla, the NM GOP has sent out a mailer showing Dem congressional candidate Patricia Madrid portrayed as a puppet on strings.

Now I’m pretty sure, they’re going to try and make a stink about you changing your blog once again without acknowledging the change. Granted, you changed it just enough, so that the careless reader might still get the impression you were trying to create in the first go around – you sly dog you.

Well, if you start acting ethically, that’ll just put Mr. Cohen out of business once and for all.

Take care,


P.S. Let’s go grab a bite at Yanni’s one of these days – your treat.

P.P. S. I just got a note from Mr. Jonah Cohen himself. It’s worse than I thought. Jonah is not the only one contributing to the NM GOP blog, so he can’t take credit for all the content involving you and other posts on the blog. I stand corrected. Joe, this means you better adopt some Blogger Ethics pretty darn quick. There is a whole platoon out there watching.