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The Morning After

I flipped through the morning news this morning expecting to see death, destruction and anarchy taking hold throughout New Mexico. I thought for sure, some of the local stations, and maybe even the national news would be leading off with the coverage that the State of New Mexico was going down.

I envisioned at least one morning news anchor reporting:

Today is the day. The day that the Richardson Campaign warned would come. Our station heeded Governor Richardson’s caution, but unfortunately, one rogue competing station did not. Last night, KOB-TV demonstrated nothing short of reckless abandonment for public welfare and put Republican Gubernatorial Candidate John Dendahl on the air.

The havoc that you see all around you today is the result of this foolish act by KOB-TV. In their self-serving quest for ratings and Democracy, they willing aided in bringing down the state of New Mexico.

Schools are being flooded. Corruption is running rampant in state government. New Mexico is now in last place for prenatal healthcare. Albuquerque has become the 17th most dangerous Metro on a list of 300. But worst of all, our education system is now failing more students than ever.

Wait a minute. This just in. Turns out everything I just mentioned happened before John Dendahl got on the air last night. Stay tuned we’ll have more on this breaking story.

Oh well, maybe I’ll see it on the six o’clock news.