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A Reason to be Armed

A 62 year old disable veteran is attacked for being neighborly:

Morris, a disabled veteran who doesn’t drink, was talking to people sitting near him at the restaurant when several men began yelling at him for talking to their girlfriends, family members told the Daily Times.

“My husband is the type of guy who never sees a stranger. If you’re sitting in the table next to him, you’re going to be talked to,” the victim’s wife, Kathleen Morris, told the paper.

When Morris and his wife tried to leave the restaurant following the altercation, the men followed him outside, the Daily Times said.

“He said, ‘Just leave me alone, all I want to do is go home,'” Kathleen Morris said. “The guy that was in his periphery hit him in the temple and knocked him out., and all three or four of the young males started kicking him in the head, in the stomach, they stomped his hands, they took kidney shots.”

There is a gun show this weekend at New Mexico Fairgrounds.