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Maybe I was Wrong

All this time I’ve been against taxpayer funded campaigns. But, I’m now man enough to admit I may have been wrong. I just didn’t understand how these funds could be used:

Here’s to public financing.

City Hall is lifting a ban on using public campaign funds to purchase alcohol.

City Clerk Randy Autio and others in the administration determined last month that the alcohol prohibition is illegal, based on language in the voter-approved “Open and Ethical Elections Code.” The code makes no mention of alcohol, Autio said, and the city cannot enact a ban without authority to do so.

Ok, the way I understand it, we just need to collect about $5 per person from 3,500 (that works out to $17,500), and the the people of Albuquerque will fork over:

Under public financing this year, mayoral candidates are expected to receive about $328,000 to spend on their campaigns.

Dang, consider me converted. This taxpayer funded party idea sounds good to me. Let’s find someone to run for Mayor and throw one killer party! My 40th is in April, and money is a little tight this year to throw a big bash campaign rally, but I think I just found the solution.