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Absolut Apology

Ok, so the weekend got away from me, and I didn’t get to post the series I had intended to post about my interview with Carly Fiorina. I’m still working on breaking the audio from the interview into smaller post size chunks.

In the meantime, I found this apology from Absolut interesting (hat tip: Gateway Pundit):

We apologize

Posted Sunday, April 06, 2008, 7:38:29 PM

During the weekend we have received several comments on the ad published in Mexico. We acknowledge the reactions and debate and want to apologize for the concerns this ad caused. We are truly sorry and understand that the ad has offended several persons. This was not our intention. The ad has been withdrawn as of Friday April 4th and will not be used in the future.

In no way was the ad meant to offend or disparage, or advocate an altering of borders, lend support to any anti-American sentiment, or to reflect immigration issues.

To ensure that we avoid future similar mistakes, we are adjusting our internal advertising approval process for ads that are developed in local markets.

This is a genuine and sincere apology,

By Paula Eriksson, VP Corporate Communications, V&S; Absolut Spirits

It was this ad that caused the uproar:

The first time I realized the ad was out there was last week when I stumbled upon commentary on it on the site of a New Mexican living in California this past Friday. I guess it didn’t take long for Absolut to realize that having an anti-American ad running in our neighbor to the South was not really a very good idea.