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McCain Supports Tax Free Internet

One of the interesting topics that I had a chance to discuss with RNC Victory Chairman Carly Fiorina was Senator John McCain’s longstanding support of a tax free Internet environment. I’m not talking about just temporarily extending the ban on taxing the Internet. We’re talking about Senator McCain supporting a permanent moratorium on taxing the Internet.

Take a listen to what Ms. Fiorina had to say:

An article by Grover Norquist posted on Real Clear Politics last year makes it painfully clear why this important:

So why is an extension not enough? The specter of possible Internet taxation further down the road presents a disincentive to the same businesses and entrepreneurs that have brought the Internet this far to continue innovating.

Another temporary hold on taxing the Internet is like letting the mob walk through the town telling people “Don’t worry, I’m not going to rob you today. But I’ll be watching you and we’ll reassess the situation next week.” Chances are the threat of taxation in the future will put a damper on the willingness of businesses and entrepreneurs to invest in new technologies.

Do we really want policies that dampen the willingness of businesses and entrepreneurs to invest in new technologies? Considering all of the effort that goes into building and recruiting new technology businesses in New Mexico, the answer is undoubtedly a resounding, “NO.”