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Another Campaign Promise Failure

According to various websites our esteemed Governor has gotten tough on domestic violence. However, after reading an article like this, I’ve got to wonder if the victims would agree. I guess the Richardson administration’s progress in the fight against domestic violence is right up there with their success in improving education and cracking down on DWI’s (subscription):

Despite having a blood alcohol content of more than twice the legal limit when he was arrested for DWI on July 30, Angel Fire Village Councilor Charles “Chuck” Hasford avoided spending any time behind bars, recently released court documents show.

The Journal was able to inspect documents contained in the court file Monday, four days after being denied immediate access to the file by municipal Judge Richard Hill and the village clerk.

Hasford – who was arrested after wrecking his silver convertible near the intersection of Country Club Drive and N.M. 434 – entered a guilty plea in August to charges of driving while intoxicated, careless driving and having an open container in his vehicle. In exchange for the plea, authorities agreed to drop the aggravated enhancement on the driving while intoxicated charge, which carries mandatory jail time upon conviction.

I think I missed the outrage coming out of the Governor’s office. Then again, the welfare of New Mexicans isn’t really the most pressing concern for this Governor.