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Why do They Wait?

Vigil’s resigned. It took him long enough, but he finally resigned. I don’t understand why politicians delay the inevitable. Then again, maybe he and his attorney took solace in how everything turned out for another recently indicted elected official (subscription). They seem to be pulling from the same playbook (subscription):

Nelson wore a wire during conversations with Vigil that prosecutors say show Vigil soliciting and taking kickbacks in exchange for Nelson getting government business.

Bregman is relying on a 1991 U.S. Supreme Court case – McCormick vs. U.S. – which found that a violation of the Hobbs Act occurs “only if the payments are made in return for an explicit promise or undertaking by the office to perform or not to perform an official act.”

Bregman says in the motion that this means the government must show there was a “quid pro quo.” He argues that the evidence does not support the charges that Vigil received money because of direct promises of some future business.

Bregman has said in previous interviews that the money Vigil did receive was campaign contributions and that in 19 of the 21 counts charged, Vigil received no money.

So, according to his attorney Vigil was only an out and out criminal ten percent of the time. Well then, someone owes this man an apology. Make sure to check out the video of Vigil’s dealings. [Hat tip: Steve Terrell].