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Attorney General Ignores Law Again

We all know that Attorney General Patricia Madrid has found it difficult in the past to hold her corrupt colleagues accountable to the law. We also know that her use of taxpayer money for campaign literature straddle the line of legality. Now Patricia Madrid, in cahoots with Mayor Martin Chavez, are blatantly violating federal laws regarding campaign contributions:

Hi – Mayor Martin Chavez is hosting a fundraiser for Patricia Madrid for Congress – this Wednesday, September 27 at the Kiva Auditorium (ABQ Convention Center) featuring comedian Paul Rodriguez. There is a private party with Paul before the event and also an after-show party. Prices are $ 35 – $65 for the show only and $1,000 and $300 for the show and private parties. Discounts are available (and we can offer free lower priced tickets with the purchase of the more expensive packages) If you have any interest for yourself or would like to buy tickets for associates or employees contact me by E- mail or call me at the number below.

Mark Fleisher (505) xxx-xxxx

Giving money in a federal election in the name of another is against the law, and seasoned politicians like Martin Chavez and Patricia Madrid know this. Apparently, they just don’t care.