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Still No Response

I still haven’t heard from Bill Richardson’s campaign regarding my debate challenge. Yes, I sent them a note. I emailed my post over to campaign headquarters, and didn’t even get the courtesy of a reply. In all fairness, the Richardson staff is really not all that interested in what is going on in New Mexico:

Former New Mexico Economic Development Department spokeswoman Katie Roberts left her job last week and moved to South Carolina, where she started work Monday with the South Carolina Democrats.

When the Governor bailed on any debates for New Mexico, he sent a clear message that this state just really isn’t a top priority anymore in his political career. South Carolina, that’s where the action is.

[South Carolina party spokeman] Norton told the Journal he understood that Roberts was in the state at the request of Richardson. Richardson‘s campaign manager, Amanda Cooper, didn’t give a yes or no answer but gave the same answer she’ll give until at least after Nov. 7:

“The governor has not made any decision as to whether he is going to do that or not,”Cooper told the Journal about a possible presidential run. “The governor is running for re-election.”

Really, Ms. Cooper? Last I checked the Governor is only in the state on an infrequent basis. He seems to spend a whole lot of his time campaigning on the East Coast, so unless he figured out a way to get those people to vote in New Mexico, I would say that he is doing everything but running for re-election.