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Governor Richardson’s Blog

Looks like Governor Richardson has a blog now. After registering, I went ahead and posted the comment below:

Blogs and Contradictions

Governor Richardson welcome to the blogosphere. I think this is a great idea. This will make it much easier for you to stay in touch with New Mexicans while you’re travelling the country pursuing your presidential goals.

Since we’re using this forum to discuss issues that are important to New Mexico, I thought I might ask why it is that you have rejected any debates with your opponent John Dendahl?

Someone who doesn’t know you, might misconstrue this as an attempt to undermine the democratic process and keep New Mexicans in the dark. I’m sure this can’t be further from the truth.

Your campaign spokesperson indicated that you thought it would be bad for New Mexico if you were to debate Mr. Dendahl. I’m really hoping that you might expound on that further.

It seems almost counterintuitive to launch a blog to encourage public discourse at the very same time that you are stifling public debate.

I don’t know if your campaign staff has told you, but since you’ve proven unwilling to debate John Dendahl, I’ve gone ahead and invited you to participate in a debate on the issues with me on KNME’s The Line.

Now I realize your travel schedule is pretty fierce – what with all of those out of state fundraisers and all. But my schedule is pretty flexible and I’m sure I can get the folks at The Line to accomodate us.

I haven’t heard back yet from your campaign, but I’m sure there is going to be a response tomorrow. Or maybe, you’d like to post a response here instead.

Look forward to hearing from you the next time you’re in town.



P.S. It seems you might have forgotten to include my blog on your links under the heading of “Blogs of Enchantment.” I hope that doesn’t mean you don’t find me enchanting.

I made sure to follow the rules, so I can’t imagine the Governor would delete my comment. But the bigger questions is whether or not he will respond to it.