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Beware the Task Force

Here it comes. The conception of countless new regulations and ordinances has occurred. And, in six months time we’ll all witness the birth of new unneeded costly regulations and big government spending initiatives (subscription). Mark my word, they are coming. How do I know? Well…

City Hall launched an environmental task force on Thursday that will recommend ways for local governments and residents to address global warming.

Mayor Martin Chávez joined County Commission Chairman Alan Armijo and City Councilor Isaac Benton to announce the 35-member group, which includes representatives from Sandia National Laboratories, environmental organizations and government agencies.

Chávez said he hopes the task force will compile a “climate action plan” within six months.

The group’s plan should have value even to those who aren’t concerned about the environment, he said.

What’s a climate action plan? Basically, it’s a politician’s sound bite that’s guaranteed to cost us, the taxpayers, money and hassle.