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Obama Ad Analyzed

Despite efforts to portray Senator Barack Obama as the second coming, a quick review of the facts in one of Obama’s ads shows that he’s nothing more than politics as usual:

Obama sponsored or co-sponsored — but did not “pass” — the welfare and tax measures but does not mention that these were in the Illinois legislature in 1997 and 2000. He sponsored congressional measures that helped hospitalized veterans, but in a relatively minor way: extending beyond 90 days the period in which they can receive free meals and free phone calls to family members.

Obama may have turned down Wall Street jobs after graduating from Columbia University in 1983, but he spent a year working for Business International Corp. in New York before becoming a community organizer in Chicago, and he later joined a law firm there.

Change is a good thing. That’s why we have term limits for President. But, despite the great marketing effort, the unfortunate truth is that Barack Obama does not represent change. The more we get to know him, the more it be comes clear – it’s the same old bloated political promises with little in the way of performance to back them up.