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Bill Richardson Endorsement of Obama

It probably looks like I’ve been avoiding writing something about Bill Richardson endorsing Barack Obama. I haven’t. In fact, I already wrote about it back in January:

Yet, is Richardson calling it quits? Not yet. Mind you, he’s got a job to do here with the pending legislative session, but he’s just not willing to throw in the towel. Why? Well, he likes the national limelight too much. New Mexicans know (or at least they should be now) that Bill Richardson is in the game for Bill Richardson. And, based on the reports of Richardson throwing his Iowa votes to Obama, the Clintons now know it too.

Richardson is a deal maker of the first order. So, what kind of deal do you think he struck with Obama? You don’t think he would shun the Clintons without some sort of backup plan, do you?

It looks like Governor Richardson (or should I say Secretary of State Richardson) just stuck to the plan.