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Cafeteria Politicians

Albuquerque Mayor Martin Chavez chimes in on the immigration debate (subscription):

Chavez said the United States must control its borders. “We are a nation of laws,” he said. But most people who come here illegally “are not breaking other laws. … There is a very small element engaged in illegal activity.”

You are either a law breaker or you’re not. How is it our politicians think it is okay to pick and choose which laws are followed? You can’t say we need to control our borders and at the same time say we need to recognize the rights of illegal immigrants. Pick one side of the issue Mayor Chavez. Just remember, it is the immigrants who are following the rules who suffer when you let the illegals jump to the front of the line.

Oh, and to Mayor Chavez and everyone else who advocates that:

As part of the answer, he said, “we need to engage in activity that helps Mexico develop its economy. … To the extent that we can engage in activity that helps develop a robust economy, fewer people will come here.”

If Mexico wants U.S. taxpayer money to help them develop a robust economy, maybe they should begin the process to become the 51st state.