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Prohibition Tactics

When it comes to DWI, I believe we should throw the book at offenders. However, this is just bizarre (subscription):

Some Downtown Albuquerque bar owners are angry at what they say is stepped-up state law enforcement, with agents asking patrons to step outside and take a breath-alcohol test.

But agents do that only to build a case against bar owners who serve underage drinkers and overserve adults, according to Peter Olson, a state Department of Public Safety spokesman.

State officials insist agents are not randomly testing patrons, as has been reported.

Billy Baldwin, president of the New Mexico Hospitality Retail Association, a group of bar owners, said it seems as if agents have ramped up their methods in recent months – and increased their presence in general around taverns in Albuquerque and across the state.

What is most troubling about this article is that the citizens who tried to videotape the agents were arrested. How is it that the government can videotape us as we drive on the city streets, but we can’t videotape agents harassing bar patrons? Yeah, that makes sense.