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I Can’t Believe It

I’m in shock. Total disbelief. Absolutely dumbfounded. No, I’m not talking about the judge’s decision to declare a mistrial in Robert Vigil’s case. I’m talking about this gem of a statement (subscription) from Attorney General Patricia Madrid:

Attorney General Patricia Madrid said her call for Vigil’s resignation last year was not premature. Vigil resigned in October as lawmakers were considering whether to impeach him.

No, it wasn’t premature… It was OVERDUE!

“At the time I called for Vigil’s resignation he was the sitting state treasurer and he had been indicted on very serious charges,” she said. “Resignation was the appropriate course of action.”

Yes, he had been indicted on very serious charges. However, what is important to note is that he was not indicted by you or anyone in your office. Oh, and does everyone remember the sweetheart deal that Attorney General Madrid and Governor Richardson were advocating for Mr. Vigil at the time?

Calls for impeaching state Treasurer Robert Vigil grew louder Thursday after the state Supreme Court rejected a request from Gov. Bill Richardson and Attorney General Patricia Madrid that would have allowed Vigil to temporarily step down with pay and have a gubernatorial appointee run the office.

Kind of reminds you of the retirement package Madrid’s colleague, Mr. Serna, just received, doesn’t it?

Madrid also said she would review the testimony of several prosecution witnesses for any violation of state laws. She noted Garcia is to go on trial next month on state securities fraud charges she brought before Vigil’s arrest.

Now she is going to finally take an interest in determining if any state laws were broken. Good grief! And what’s that nonsense she tries to spin regarding Angelo Garcia going to trial on state securities fraud charges next month? The reality is that if Mrs. Madrid had upheld the law while Messrs. Montoya and Garcia were busy lining their pockets, senior citizens would not have been bilked of their life savings.