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Completing the Ethics Hat Trick

So, what’s ethical behavior look like? Well, I recommend you read this recent post by Heath Haussamen in it’s entirety. Here is an excerpt:

[House Minority Leader Tom Taylor, R-Farmington] and his sisters have owned five acres of land next to the county’s DWI Treatment Center for years. They decided against selling the land for $240,000 some 15 years ago, hoping to someday do something with it.

The day has arrived. County officials were planning to turn an old detention facility in nearby Aztec into a meth treatment facility with the help of a $2.9 million grant from the state, but the jail was deemed unfit. As officials searched for a new location, they decided the best option would be adding on to the DWI center, the newspaper reported.

That meant they’d need land owned by Taylor. The lawmaker told the newspaper he didn’t want anyone to think he and the county were doing anything underhanded, so he didn’t want to sell the land to the county.

So he convinced his sisters to agree to donate it.

Funny, Representative Taylor didn’t need a commission to advise him what might be ethical behavior. He didn’t need new laws passed in order to determine what would be the right thing to do.

You know what folks? We don’t need more laws. Instead, we need more leaders like Tom Taylor.