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The Perfect Follow Up

Pass all the “ethics laws” you want, and it is not going to make a difference. Why? For the answer, one needs to read no further than today’s Albuquerque Journal (subscription):

[Metropolitan Court Judge Theresa Gomez] judge who [while earning more than $93,000 a year] lived rent-free for 20 months in a $172,000 home owned by an affordable housing agency and dismissed traffic tickets issued to the agency’s head has agreed to be reprimanded and pay $17,000 in back rent.

Mind you, that DOES NOT read “former” Metropolitan Court Judge Theresa Gomez. That’s right, someone who ripped off taxpayers to the tune of $17,000 is still sitting in a position to render judgment.

Well, maybe she is truly repentant for her crime…

The judge has blamed the housing authority for a situation that she says has damaged her “professional reputation and perhaps my livelihood.”

Uh, maybe not. Oh, and did I mention:

In an interview for that story, the judge said she had also dismissed traffic citations and canceled a related arrest warrant for Vincent “Smiley” Gallegos, then head of the housing agency.

It’s good to know all is well in the Land of Enchantment. Maybe tomorrow we can talk about GO Bonds to support Affordable Housing.