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Conservative Choice for Mayor Emerges

The number of months left until Albuquerque’s mayoral election can now be counted on one hand, and if you are a conservative living in the Duke City, the current list of candidates has left you feeling, well, nauseous.

On the one hand there is a group of big government “progressives” with plans that doom Albuquerque to become the inner city of surrounding communities. On the other hand, you have an incumbent of whom the nicest thing one might say (courtesy of Joe Monahan) is:

If there had been no ABQPAC fundraising scandal, no high-profile divorce, and no APD evidence room scandal, [Mayor Marty’s] march to re-election would be unchallenged.

Somehow, I just don’t think that’s the resume of the type of leader we want to see serve a second term. Well, conservatives can now rejoice. I’ve got good news for you. Mike McEntee is seriously considering stepping up to provide a conservative alternative to the current slate of left-wing candidates and the ethically challenged incumbent.

Now, this would not be the first time former city councilor, Mike McEntee, has run for Mayor. The last time he was ensnared in the Hatch Act Minefield, and was punished by a partisan court for being an involved citizen in a nonpartisan race. This time around he is sending off a letter to the FAA and the OSC in order to obtain the rules in advance. Once he has the rules of the game in writing, he will announce his decision, and I for one, hope he decides to run.