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Let’s Play a Game

My previous post talked about transformations (see comments from yesterday’s post). The transformation from nonpartisan to partisian. Let’s explore this further, shall we? Ok, watch carefully, but don’t blink. You blinked, didn’t you? Well, then you probably missed my metamorphosis. In a mere eight days, an “out-of-work post-college guy in Albuquerque who really follows politics” transformed yours truly from “conservative local blogger” to “radical conservative local blogger.”

Funny, I don’t feel any different. Although, I do wonder what the next stage will be. What comes after radical conservative? C’mon all you silent readers. Let’s have a little fun at my expense. Post a comment and give me some insight into my future.

Do I become a gun-toting, radical, conservative, local blogger? Or, maybe a fanatical, radical, conservative local blogger? Possibly, a partisan, radical, conservative, local blogger? Well, you get the idea. Don’t be shy. Let’s see who can come up with the best description of what my future holds, and invite your friends to play. Those on the left, right and center are all welcome.