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From the Desk of Gary Johnson

Yesterday, former Governor Gary Johnson released the following statement:

It is an irrefutable fact that representatives from Patricia Madrid’s office were involved in multiple meetings where clear questions about impropriety in the State Treasurer’s office were raised.

My administration uncovered problems in the Treasurer’s office with three months to go in my term. Jan Goodwin and Harold Field first realized that things didn’t add up in the Treasurer’s office. They informed me of these problems. There were three meetings of the State Board of Finance, which I personally attended, where we discussed our concerns and the need for further investigation. The Attorney General’s office is represented at each and every meeting of the State Board of Finance.

Harold Field, my Secretary of the Department of Finance, says he signed and sent a letter to Patricia. Jan Goodwin, who at the time was the Chair of the Board of Finance, testified in court under oath that the letter she helped write was, in fact, mailed to Patricia. There are questions about whether or not Patricia ever saw the letter. My personal belief, based on what Harold and Jan have said publicly and privately, is that this letter was in fact sent.

My personal feeling is that Attorney General Patricia Madrid should have been aware of our concerns regardless of whether or not she ever received Harold’s letter. AG officials representing Patricia were present when the contents of the letter were developed and discussed.

Well, I guess that settles that.