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Investigation by Invitation Only

Apparently, Attorney General Patricia Madrid has had a very interesting policy in place over the last eight years when it came to investigating political corruption in New Mexico.

She was willing to do it by invitation only. I kid you not. Read this (subscription):

Attorney General Patricia Madrid’s congressional campaign says it can prove Madrid never received a whistle-blower’s warning about possible corruption in the New Mexico Treasurer’s Office.

The campaign on Wednesday released a May 18 letter from the state Department of Finance and Administration saying DFA had no record of sending Madrid’s office a 2002 warning about problems in the Treasurer’s Office.

The warning letter became public during the recent public corruption trial of former Treasurer Robert Vigil.

So, that’s that then. She couldn’t possibly have protected the interests of every New Mexican because… No one sent her an invitation. But wait a second, didn’t she get a formal invitation the year before “the invitation that never arrived” from Governor Gary Johnson:

Weh on Thursday also lambasted the attorney general. “Gov. Gary Johnson requested that Attorney General Madrid investigate Robert Vigil’s office and investment practices years ago,” Weh said. “She declined, saying her office didn’t have enough staff. Now she and the governor have issued a joint statement saying they appreciate Mr. Vigil ‘putting the interests of New Mexico first by agreeing to be recused temporarily from office.’ This is a repugnant statement. Robert Vigil is being thanked and getting his full salary while fighting racketeering charges.”

Her office didn’t have enough staff to investigate the largest political corruption scandal in New Mexico’s history? What, is that like being invited to the Mayor’s Ball and saying you can’t go because you just don’t have anything to wear?

Speaking of the Mayor’s Ball, as I recall Attorney Madrid received not one but two invitations to investigate ABQPAC. Heck, even I have extended an invitation to Attorney General Patricia Madrid to investigate something in this state. All to no avail. Then again, I guess if she had investigated ABQPAC, it would of been hard for her to get this happy endorsement.

The bottom line here is despite any claims by her campaign to the contrary, Patricia Madrid has ignored all invitations to investigate corruption in the state of New Mexico, and I’m not the only one noticing it.