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A Whole Lot of Advertising

According to an article yesterday in The Hill:

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) has reserved $51.5 million of television advertising in 32 congressional districts.

That is a pretty big number. What’s mind blowing is that $2.1 million of that has been reserved for an eight week buy targeting Congresswoman Heather Wilson starting in September. The part I don’t understand is how can this be the case, when Patricia Madrid’s campaign is currently airing spots that claim she will not be beholden to special interests?

Just who do you think gave the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee all of that money? That’s right, special interest groups. Oh, I know this spending is supposed to be independent of the campaign, but let’s get real. If I know and you know the money is being spent, don’t you think Patricia Madrid’s campaign knows.

Again, I don’t have a problem with Patricia Madrid taking PAC money; however, in the current political climate we really need politicians who are going to be upfront with the voters. We don’t need more politicians who say one thing and do another.