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Goliath is Running Scared

Apparently, Bill Richardson has read his bible and the story of David (Dendahl) and Goliath (Governor) has him more than a little concerned. Richardson has discovered, like everyone else, that it just doesn’t turn out well for the giant. The bigger man who has everything going for him is supposed to win, but he doesn’t. Heavily armed Goliath is defeated by one little well placed stone thrown from the slingshot of the boyish David.

Definitely, a story that has Governor Bill Richardson worried.

In modern political warfare money makes the warrior. Richardson has millions upon millions to spend. At this point, all John Dendahl has are stones. The question is which stone could bring Richardson down? Will it be the scandals stone… the education failure stone… the uncontrolled spending stone… the eminent domain stone?

Four days ago John Dendahl loaded his slingshot and challenged Governor Richardson to a debate on eminent domain. Yesterday, the Governor flailed about with an attack ad against Dendahl. Goliath has millions in the bank and rather than avoid the debate by deflating the issue with ads that tell his side of the story, Richardson decides the best plan is to personally attack John Dendahl.

Look at the Governor’s campaign site. He has produced four television commercials so far. The fifth ad produced is a radio spot aired after Dendahl is selected to give New Mexicans a real choice. Rather than an ad about the issues, it is an ad intended to muddy the up the process. A negative attack ad where none was warranted. Five months before anyone is even considering going to the polls, and the giant and his army have begun throwing unprovoked “negative bombs.”

Governor Goliath may talk tough:

Richardson, by the way, declined to comment when asked Friday about Dendahl’s candidacy.

“I don’t talk about Dendahl. I don’t worry about Dendahl,” he said.

But his actions show him shaking in his boots. This is not a story that is likely to end well for the giant.