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Gov. Richardson Has Done it Again

First, it was taxation, and now it’s immigration. Governor Bill Richardson has once again demonstrated his unique ability to deliver policy out of both sides of his mouth. One policy agenda that keeps New Mexico from moving ahead, and another that is devised to propel Richardson forward.

Update: Just read this New Mexican article:

As part of last week’s declaration, Richardson plans to spend $50,000 to fence the stockyards at the Columbus port of entry but he has no other plans for fencing along the 180-mile New Mexico-Mexico border, Hume said.

Richardson isn’t in favor of closing the border. [emphasis added]

Well, that didn’t take long for the backtracking to begin. When you read the New Mexican article, make sure to take time to peruse the comments.

Another Update: Now, I know I’m considered a “right-wing hardliner” by some readers, but Governor Richardson’s “State of Emergency” is equally transparent to those reading “progressive” blogs and comments sections throughout the web for exactly what they are — shameless attempts to grab headlines.

I especially enjoyed this insightful comment by Jim:

I contacted my law enforcement sources down there and discovered Gov. Richardson sent 56 — YES 56 — National Guard troops to the Mexican border. Even that number is deceiving. In order to cover one post with one man (or woman) for 24/7 requires 4.5 guardsmen. So the BIG 56 soldier beef-up translates into about 12 soldiers covering about 180 miles of border at any one time, if you believe that amount of territory is the problem area as stated by Gov. Richardson.

I’ve seen states deploy more National Guard troops for snowstorms than Gov. Richardson deployed in his phony “state of emergency.”

How true, how true… Oh, and Bill Richardson’s long history of duplicity is captured perfectly here by Rusty:

Richardson is tough to figure out. He’s very bright, apparently a great negotiator, but also a true politician, saying and supporting what he thinks will advance his career. When he represented a New Mexico district in the House years back, he took up the cause against putting a nuclear waste disposal dump down in Carlsbad. Said he would put his body in front of any trucks carrying waste down there. Then he became Secretary of Energy, and he had no problem ramming the dump down our throats. I’m a Democrat, he’s a Democrat, but I don’t trust him as far as I can throw him.