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Not Ready for Prime Time

Governor Richardson’s PR machine continues moving full speed ahead among key national and state publications where he’ll need to raise his profile if he is to win the nod in 2008. However, based on these excerpts from a recent Los Angeles Times article, he doesn’t seem quite ready for prime time:

“It was a state that was relatively content with inaction,” Richardson said, describing a welfare mentality that relied on federal spending.

Excuse me Governor, but I might suggest in future interviews you choose a different focus. Last I checked we are still reliant on federal spending. Worse yet, some over eager reporter might accuse you of being a poster child of the “welfare mentality” and dig up those letters you wrote seeking more federal funding after attempts to defraud the system have failed.

Oh and Governor, you really need to have a word with your Chief of Staff:

Although the state remains troubled — “You don’t turn around the Titanic in a day,” said gubernatorial Chief of Staff David Contarino — things have definitely improved.

I’m not sure that the two of you really understand the whole spin-success-out-of-failure thing you are going to need to do if you want a chance in 2008. I mean, adding “Titanic” to the imagery of “the welfare state” just isn’t going to cut it. [Note to Chief of Staff: You don’t turn around the Titanic in ANY number of days. It sinks.]