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Governor Bill Richardson is a Class Act

Governor Bill Richardson spends the better part of a year gallivanting around the country and doing his best impression of Don Quixote, then comes back to New Mexico, grows a beard, and starts throwing barbs at everyone he can find. First, he calls the Legislature a bunch of do nothings, and now he takes aims at his own state party:

Gov. Bill Richardson released a statement tonight expressing his disappointment at how the caucus was run. Richardson was instrumental in getting the state’s Democrats to switch in 2004 to a caucus system that allowed them to move up the date and have a greater voice in the presidential selection process.

In the news release, the governor took credit for the success of the 2004 caucus, saying it was well-organized, well-funded and well-executed “through his personal efforts and those of his organization.” This year, the release stated, he was focused on running for president and is now focused on the Legislature.

Sorry, but if you ask me, the sitting Democratic Governor, who just happened to run for President, is the de facto head of the State Democratic Party. If he had still been in the race, you better believe he would have lent a hand and asked his minions to help. Instead, like a spoiled child, he is now pointing fingers at everyone else and saying, “It’s your fault.”

Kind of makes you wonder who he is going to blame when awareness of the economic downturn in New Mexico becomes common knowledge. If he stays true to form, there is no way he’ll own up to the fact that his bad investments and unsound fiscal policy are the culprit, anymore then he is willing to take credit for the lack of leadership he has shown since returning to New Mexico.

One last note… neither the legislature, nor the Democratic Party officials are paid to do their job. They are volunteers. As someone, who at once upon a time ran a not-for-profit, I can tell you it is in truly bad form to blame the volunteers for the shortcomings of the paid staff.