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Some People Just Shouldn’t Talk

So, Patricia Madrid has decided to jump in the fray and attack the Democratic Party volunteers for a poorly run caucus. Mind you, this was the sitting attorney general that lost a Democratic leaning district during a year when Republicans across the country got the boot from Congress.

Call me crazy, but I’m thinking this is the last person in the world who should be taking a whack at anyone’s ability to organize volunteers and achieve results. Then, to add insult to injury, she throws in this classic Madridism:

In addition, a party-run caucus puts a critical vote in the hands of volunteers instead of paid, trained election workers.

“It (the caucus system) doesn’t have all the checks and balances and the years of experience of a proper election,” Madrid said.

Excuse me??? Ms. Madrid, have you actually been paying attention to how elections are run in New Mexico? I can’t remember the last time an important election in New Mexico was actually decided on, or for that matter somewhere near, Election Day. As I recall, by the time you were ready to admit defeat in 2006, the Christmas shopping season was well under way.

As to “paid, trained election workers,” it has obviously been a LONG time since you were down in the trenches. Let me recommend that you take a walk down memory lane and revisit just how well that paid election worker system is operating in New Mexico. Or maybe, instead of Monday morning quarterbacking, you could have offered to help raise the money, or volunteer your time, so that your party could do its caucus right.

Personally, I find it amusing that New Mexico’s Democratic Caucus has suffered from the same inability as the state’s paid Democratic machine to count ballots in a timely manner, or to have enough ballots at an election site. But, that aside, I just find it offensive that folks like Governor Bill Richardson or Patricia Madrid refused to get involved in the process, and then spend the days after pointing fingers at volunteers… VOLUNTEERS.

We really do need new leadership in New Mexico.