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Governor Throws a Tantrum

Governor Richardson is threatening (subscription) to call the legislature back into Special Session:

Gov. Bill Richardson ignited a firestorm in the Legislature on Saturday by warning that a special session may be needed, and he criticized the Senate for a slow pace in dealing with the administration’s legislative priorities.

“My prediction is that we will have a special session to deal with the budget, with my ‘year of the child’ initiatives and other critical legislation. Why do I say that? Because some senators seem more preoccupied with pork than paying for children’s health insurance, education or safety programs,” Richardson said at a news conference.

Gee Governor, don’t you think you might deserve the lionshare of the responsibility here? After all, you were the one that admittedly tried to cram a 90-day session into 30 days. Is anyone surprised nothing is getting done? As to Porkfest 2006, I really don’t think the Senate deserves the grand prize.

But what the heck, just go ahead and call the Legislature back into session for the third time in less than a year, and don’t even give a second thought to the hard earned taxpayer money you would be flushing down the toilet at a rate of $42,000 a day. What’s important here is that you get to throw another press conference where you can talk about the “Year of the Child.”