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He’s Baaack!

Who is back you ask? Well, that Governor who has no problem taking ownership of both sides of an issue. Last summer, Richardson was “tough” on illegal immigration, and it has taken less than twelve months for him to once again flip flop on the issue:

CBS: Governor Richardson, what happens to all of these businesses and there are many businesses, big and small, across the country, whose lifeblood is cheap labor. What happens to these businesses when they don’t have anybody to work there anymore?

RICHARDSON: Well, a lot of them are going to fall apart whether it’s agriculture, whether it’s service industry and a lot of these undocumented workers are paying taxes. They have families that pay taxes. What Miss Buchanan is suggesting is unrealistic. You’re going make 11 million undocumented workers felons, along with their families. Iunrealisticestic to deport them. What you going to go into their homes, knock on their doors, find 11 million? The cost is going to be prohibitive. So what you have to do is be realistic.

One can only wonder what tomorrow will bring. Also, can’t help but wonder how a “pro-business” Governor who makes overtures about increasing minimum wage can at the same time admit that kicking out illegal immigrants will cause a lot of businesses to fall apart. Notice Governor Richardson highlights the agriculture and service industries. You know, the same industires that make up the economic backbone of New Mexico.