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Moving to the Brink

Joe Monahan has a few thoughts today on the Governor’s polling numbers including this gem:

“They have fully absorbed his personality. The good and the bad is well-known. On the down side, they are critical of him for being pompous and sometimes a bully, but they approve of him because they seem him as getting things done and moving the state forward,” explained an insider who has seen the numbers.

Well, if Governor Richardson is about as high as he is going to get in the polls, and only saving grace is he is perceived as moving the state forward, the man on the fourth floor may well be in trouble.

Trains, planes and spaceports may make great headlines for Governor Richardson, but they do nothing to actually move New Mexico forward in the areas that most directly affect every New Mexican, everyday.

In education, we continue to fail miserably, and now even the infrastructure is crumbling around our students because of the hundreds of millions Governor Richardson has siphoned away from the capital outlay process.

The crime rate in our state’s largest metro still ranks us as one of the worst in the nation, and the illegal activities of elected officials at the highest levels of state government continues unabated.

On the healthcare front, New Mexico remains firmly placed as 49th in the nation. After nearly four years of Bill Richardson press conferences and promises, the situation shows no signs of improvement.

Yes, Governor Richardson may be moving New Mexico forward. However, the question is forward to what?