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I Believe Plates

I just need to preface this post with a little reminder… I’m Jewish. Why is that important? Well, it provides perspective. I simply don’t understand this nonsense about suing the state of South Carolina to keep people from having “I Believe” plates on their cars:

“I do believe these ‘I Believe’ plates will not see the light of day because the courts, I’m confident, will see through this,” said the Rev. Barry Lynn, the group’s executive director.

The lawsuit, filed in U.S. District Court for South Carolina, asks a judge to stop the state from making the plates and rule that the law allowing them violates the First Amendment.

Seriously, I don’t get what all the hoopla is about. “State law allows private groups to create specialty plates as long as they first collect either a $4,000 deposit or 400 prepaid orders.” So, someone can create plates for their favorite University team, charitable organization or anything else for that matter, but people go bonkers if they want to advertise their faith?

Let’s get real here. People are already advertising their beliefs on the their vehicles. Heck, it seems like every fifth car in New Mexico has a little fish on their trunk (with and without legs). Is anyone offended? I’m not.

Allowing people to express their beliefs is yet another thing that makes this country great.

There is absolutely nothing stopping another religious entity from creating their own customized plates, so live and live is what I say. Plus, if we’re paying for those dang plates anyway, shouldn’t we be able to customize them as we see fit?