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Just Keeps Nagging at Me

I tried to ignore it. Really, I did. I read it yesterday, and thought, “Just forget about it. You just said something nice about the guy the day before, so let it lie.” But, I can’t. It just keeps nagging at me. After all, I have a civic duty to call it for what it is, right? Well, here it is. What’s bugging me is this from Democratic blogger and Patricia Madrid booster, Joe Monahan:

It was the first time I had spoken with Madrid since her November defeat. As one would expect from a political pro who has been through the grinder, she showed not a hint of bitterness or remorse over her cliffhanger loss to Heather and reacted dispassionately when asked for analysis.

“I know you and others believe my debate performance was the reason for the loss. That was a factor, but she outspent me by at least several million dollars–maybe more when you count all the independent expenditures. She began the negative attacks in July and did not let up. That spending was as big a reason as any for the defeat,” reflected Madrid who in the sole TV debate with Wilson froze before the camera in a moment that is now frozen in state political history.

Ok folks, time for a reality check. Let’s talk about Ms. Madrid’s campaign being outspent by millions.

  1. Patricia Madrid started to shamelessly using taxpayer money as early March 2005 for self promotion and to improve name identification – a practice she continued to within 70 days of the election.
  2. According to Political Moneyline Patricia Madrid’s campaign spent just shy of $3.4 million, and Congresswoman Heather Wilson spent $4.8 million. That’s a difference of $1.4 million – not exactly “several million.”
  3. And, who can forget the additional $2.1 million that the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee spent on an eight week television buy to benefit Patricia Madrid.
  4. Now throw into the mix the millions that Governor Bill Richardson spent on the 2006 election. In a Santa Fe New Mexican article it was reported, “Madrid has Gov. Bill Richardson, a fellow Democrat, on her side. Richardson has already told the national press — which he may need to cultivate further should he run for president — that Madrid will win narrowly, in part due to his get-out-the-vote operation in New Mexico.”

The bottom line here is that Patricia Madrid WAS NOT outspent. In fact, she may very well have outspent Congresswoman Heather Wilson. And, let’s not forget that back in 1998 a certain Mr. Maloof outspent Heather Wilson by about $6 million, yet we didn’t end up with a Congressman Maloof.

So, what’s really bugging me? Is it Patricia Madrid’s assertions? No, she needs to rationalize her loss, and that’s just a part of the human condition. It helps people move on with their lives. No, what’s really bugging me is that a political veteran like Joe Monahan is aware of all of the spending information, and yet gave Madrid a free ride on her ridiculous statement. Had it been a Republican making that statement, he would have been all over it. Instead, he let it go. Once again demonstrating a clear bias – especially, when it comes to Congresswoman Heather Wilson.

Now before some of you start leaving comments about my bias when it comes to Heather Wilson, let me just say it. I’m a HUGE supporter of Heather Wilson. I think she’s GREAT. But, see that’s one big difference between myself and Mr. Monahan. I don’t try and portray myself to be something that I’m not. Mr. Monahan may have a certain Santa Fe County Sheriff fooled into thinking he’s a “truthful” blogger, but the rest of us know better.