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Land of the Broken Computers

Looks like New Mexico has computer software problems galore. This is pretty funny when you think about it. We’ve got all of these Ph.D.’s running around New Mexico and two national laboratories. Yet, state government can’t seem to figure out how to buy a computer system and get it to function.

Let me correct that. They CAN figure out how to BUY the computer. They CAN’T figure out how to get it to WORK.

So, far we’ve got news stories about over $14 million spent on a broken system for the Labor Department that leaves the unemployed dangling in the wind. Now, Jay Miller has a story about the $28 million inoperative SHARE system, which is leaving “60,000 contractors and vendors and the 24,000 state employees” who have been forced to use it with no solution in sight.

It’s good to see that Governor Richardson has been spending that record budget surplus well.