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Shorten Winter and Extend Summer

The Albuquerque Journal (subscription) has a follow up article today on the proposed upcoming APS academic calendar. APS wants to shorten the summer and increase the winter break. Personally, my family would prefer that it be the other way around. A three week winter break is too long.

There was one rationale behind starting earlier in the summer that just struck me as absurd:

Officials said another reason for the early start is that the APS payroll department has set the first pay period from July 30 to Aug. 10. Teachers must work at least three days during that time, or they don’t get a paycheck.

I can’t believe an official put this out as a reason to change the calendar. Tens of thousands of families lives being altered to because of some bureaucratic nonsense. Tell me this system isn’t broken.

Speaking if which, you mighr want to attend tonight’s APS Board candidates forum.