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Madrid Camp Sinks to New Low

They’ve hit rock bottom. Who you ask?

Well, as near as I can tell, every single one of Patricia Madrid’s supporters along with the campaign staff. With five weeks until Election Day, they are desperately trying to find some sort of scandal to pin on Heather Wilson. The problem is, one doesn’t exist. We’re talking about a lady who is so squeaky clean, not even her detractors can picture her doing anything wrong:

“Have you ever used illegal substances?” The room hushed again. Madrid answered first. “I am a child of the 60’s,” she said. She added that she would never vote to make pot legal. Wilson said, “I have never used illegal drugs.” No one doubted her.

Think about that last sentence. “No one doubted her.” How many other politicians do you think that would apply to? Not many, right? Heather Wilson is the type of politician that can answer a direct question with a direct answer and no one doubts her.

Compare that to Patricia Madrid.

Madrid struggled so much with how to answer the direct question that the moderator had to jump in to give her some direction. And mind you, the issue isn’t that Patricia Madrid was a drug user in her college years. The issue is that Madrid wouldn’t give an honest answer to an honest question.

Being honest is such a serious challenge for Patricia Madrid that it has even caught the attention of the media:


So, what’s the Madrid camp to do when their outright lies don’t work? They sink to innuendo by trying to connect Heather Wilson to every scandal that comes out of Washington, D.C. The problem is that no one is going to buy what the Madrid camp is selling. No one is going to believe that Heather Wilson, the mother of two young children and former head of Child Youth and Family Department (CYFD) would turn the other way while a Congressman preys on teenage pages.

As the father of two young sons, I have no problem telling you that I believe that what Mark Foley did is deplorable, and I hope they lock him up. He is a predator and deserves to be treated as such. Furthermore, anyone in Congress who was aware of Foley’s actions and looked the other way should resign immediately. They do not deserve to represent us in Congress, and if I had my way they would share a cell with Foley.

With that said, the manner in which Madrid and her supporters are attempting to use this man’s perversity for political gain is absolutely shameful. This is about as low as Madrid can sink. The thing is Madrid’s attempts to bring Heather Wilson down to her level are too transparent. No one is going to believe that Heather Wilson turned a blind eye, but everyone knows that Patricia Madrid did – again and again.