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Not Even Trying Anymore

Madrid’s paid political analyst is not even trying anymore to look unbiased:

But what about the flaws in Madrid’s campaign? Well, when you’re ahead there are no flaws, but if Patsy slips you can be sure those long knives will get rust-free in a hurry. Meantime, maybe Madrid disappears for one of her favorite vacation spots, one where folks believe silence is golden.

Oops, did I miss a poll? When exactly did Madrid pull ahead? Last I checked it was a dead heat. You know, just like every other election? Oh, and what’s this nonsense:

Here is a report from a GOP Alligator on the scene

“The many shortcomings of the Wilson campaign. Where do I start?!?

“No yard signs until September 25; the latest ad stating Heather voted to overturn Bush’s stem-cell bill has outraged Right to Life; No positive commercials from Heather, with none in sight; Victory 2006 (the GOP get-out-the-vote effort) has been a waste of $40,000 a month; Next to no volunteer activity; Too many out-of-staters on Heather’s campaign staff; Moving away from Bush is hurting Heather among the grassroots volunteers.” Reports our upset campaign insider.

First off, am I the only one who is getting an image in their head of Mr. Monahan prancing around in front of a full length mirror in a red alligator suit with a cigarette dangling from the corner of his mouth and doing his best Rush impression.

Seriously, does anyone think that one of the most heated races in the country is going to come down to who has more yard signs? And as to the Right to Life folks, we already know where Heather Wilson stands on this issue. No, she is not going to be a card carrying member. But as was the case with Ronald Reagan, conservatives know that Heather is far better than the alternative.

And no, we’re not looking for positive commercials from Heather Wilson. We know what we like about her, that is why we keep electing her. Any veteran strategist worth his salt knows that in a close race the purpose of campaign advertising is to get others not to vote for your opponent, not to win them to your side.

Finally, let’s look at the GOTV issue. Madrid’s blogger really needs to get a grip on reality. If you want to know what people really think about the GOP’s get-out-the-vote efforts, you can just read what the most liberal of progressives has to write about it:

As any Democrat will tell you, the D’s are in absolute awe of the ability for the Republican Party to Get Out The Vote.

Not surprisingly, everyone who understands the process is in awe of it. Mr. Monahan please take off that funny looking red alligator suit and get back into your blue one. It fits you much better.